The right hosting for your business

In this 2020 things have changed dramatically for all of us and it is clear that with this era of digital transformation it is essential that companies or brands expand their horizons and have more presence on the Internet, so they can reach more people effectively. But it is important that you take into account two basic points when you start:

The first one is the domain name that your site will have and the second one is the hosting that your page will have, which means that: the hosting is the place where your domain and all the content of your web page is hosted. That’s why it is very important to have a good hosting to guarantee the resources and increase the performance of your website. In addition to helping you avoid error codes to improve positioning and SEO strategy, it also serves as a security measure to avoid possible cyber attacks.

Below we leave you with the most known and used types of hosting.


Shared hosting is one of the most used in the market due to its low cost, because multiple websites are hosted in a single server. This means that the provider’s clients share the server’s resources, such as the processor, Ram, Board, data transfer, bandwidth and IP address. These aspects imply certain positive and negative characteristics when acquiring this hosting service.


  • It is more economical.
  • Easy to use and install.


  • It is less flexible.
  • Shares resources with other projects.
  • Data transfer speed is not as fast.


The VPS is an ideal web hosting service for projects with specific requirements and configurations because more server resources are needed, but not a dedicated server.

This type of server is characterized by being a physical server virtually fractionated, this means that multiple projects are hosted on the same server but each project works with its own independent operating system. In this way no project shares resources with others.


  • More flexibility and access than shared hosting.
  • It is an intermediate alternative in terms of cost.
  • It is independent so you will not have problems if any of the projects presents an error.


  • You do not have the full resources of the server.
  • It is more difficult to install and configure than shared hosting.


This hosting is usually the most appropriate for big projects that need more resources to host a whole site, that is why in this type of service the server is unique and exclusive to the client. 

In fact, in this type of service the server is exclusive and offers full access to the hardware and software for the client to configure and adapt it to specific needs.


  • It has greater flexibility, access and speed.
  • Regardless of traffic, performance is not compromised.
  • It has greater security.
  • It has more resources, so the website works optimally.


  • It is more difficult to install and configure.
  • It is more expensive.


It is important that you analyze very well the needs of your business to guarantee the security, visibility and navigability of your page. Login to and see all the plans and solutions we have for you.

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