Save money using your credit card

Credit cards can be a key tool that makes our lives easier, because in addition to allowing us to make transactions or payments easily, quickly and securely, it gives us the opportunity to build a good credit history to access better opportunities in the future.

Discover the benefits of paying for your plan with a credit card.


This is a very important factor in our day to day, because we are always running with pending matters, meeting goals and schedules, busy with work, family and we have very little time for ourselves.

So, forget about wasting time with travel, queues and headaches, at GK2 we give you the best options to save time and be more relaxed. Just go to our website, enter the customer area, select the payment method (credit card), fill out the form with your card details and you’re done!


At GK2 we have digital solutions and processing software available that will save you time and streamline your billing and payment processes using the automatic payment method. This way, you can be free of worries about paying for your service and renewing it.

All you need to do is enter the customer area, go to the payment methods panel, select the automatic payment method and fill out the form with your card details.

The automatic payment method will always be shown at the top of the list, and will be indicated by an icon.


At GK2, we have Stripe Elements; one of the most recognized and secure payment gateways among WHMCS users that provides 3D security support. This guarantees us compatibility with the next European regulation PSD2 and additional coverage to protect against fraudulent payments, that is, to verify information, users will be shown a bank authentication page; where they will be asked to enter the password associated with the card.

This Stripe API allows us to make collecting payment details much more secure by isolating sensitive information from your website and eliminating any attacks. In this way, Stripe elements are compatible with PCI, making it more economical and easier to use.


Debit cards, unlike cash, allow you to track expenses, as a printed receipt is provided with each purchase. In addition, you can confirm the expenses month by month when you receive the statement or day by day if you verify the statement via the Internet or through the bank application.

The great advantage of the card declaration is that it tells you the date and place of the purchases, something you cannot do with checks or cash.


Most cards these days offer rewards by accumulating points or miles with purchases, so you can save money while using your card. Check your bank’s business deals and enjoy thousands of incredible benefits.

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