Make a difference with efficient hosting support.

Without a doubt, most companies focus a large part of their efforts on getting customers and generating sales, since these represent a huge percentage of their monthly revenue. But it is not only about getting the first sale, what is really important is to create a good relationship with customers to generate stability and the best way to do that is through an efficient technical support.

One of the main things we can do to make our customers loyal, even more when we talk about a service or product linked to technological things like software, hosting and operating systems, is to make them feel special by giving them a personalized treatment and a service that exceeds the expectations of what is offered.

Here are a few tips to help you make a difference with efficient technical support.

Unconditional service
High quality support is characterized by its efficiency and availability to the customers when they need it the most. In some cases the companies have a 24/7 service system, but just few of them use this system because the due to costs and complexity. However, it is necessary to find a way to provide service to customers at the time they require it.

A good way to solve this point in a great way is by means of a support ticket. In this way the client generates a report that our support staff will attend immediately is available. The ticket system gives a request code to the customer so they can follow up and see the status of the request.

Highly trained staff.
While it is clear that response time is a very important factor when it comes to providing quality technical support, there is one factor that is usually more important and that is effectively solving customer requests.

To be able to reach this level of satisfaction it is necessary to have a good system, to select very well the personnel of attention and to train them adequately to take care of all the possible requests that can exist.

Remote Support
One way of responding that is highly valued by customers is remote support. This type of assistance consists of a program that allows a specialized technician to connect to the customer’s server to personally attend and solve the request.

The Recipe
Providing good service to your customers has great benefits for your company, one of them is that you will be able to build customer loyalty and thanks to that the reputation of the brand can grow exponentially. A topic that will definitely be useful in the elaboration of commercial strategies.

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